Clean up your drains and pipes in few easy steps

Clogged drains and pipes can be a real disaster unless you find the best Omaha Plumber for your house. Filthy water stuck in the pipes and obnoxious smell spreading around your home, can’t be a too appealing sight. Before they call a handyman, many people try to deal with this mess on their own. Check our list bellow of DUY things that might be able to help you.

Start with boiling water

It is one of the first and easiest things you can do. Just flush your drain with boiling water. Depending on a blockage, this method might be able to solve your problem. On the other hand, if the blockage is followed with grease and some other bigger obstacles, this method won’t work. You should wait until your sink is completely dry and then flush the water. The boiling water works wonders on metal pipes. If you have PVC pipes, water over 175 degrees can damage your pipes by making joints to melt, so be careful.

Use baking soda

There are different types drain cleaners which are intended for certain kinds of clogs. You can always go to a shop and buy commercial drain cleaner, but many plumbers will tell you to avoid that. On the other hand, if you know the type of clog, you can always make your drain cleaner. For example, if you think that your drains got clogged because of grease, you can make a cleaner from baking soda and vinegar. It is easy to make, just pour half a cup of baking soda in the siphon and then add the half on the vinegar. The mixture will create light bubbles, but that means it’s working.

Buy a drain snake

If the above steps can’t help you solve the problem with drains and pipes, then you need to buy a drain snake. You just put the longer part of the snake in the siphon and try to pull out whatever is clogging the drain. People usually use it for hair, and it has shown to be a useful tool.