Learn how to replace a water heater in 3 easy steps

The water heater is a really important appliance in every household. It provides you hot water, and when it starts to leak, it’s time to replace it with a new one. Averagely, water heater lasts from 10 to 20 years. It is crucial to replace it as soon as you see the leaking. In this way, you will avoid any major flooding and additional cleanups.

Plan and consult

You should always plan your action in advance, for example, know when you need to replace your water heater. If you notice leaking from the bottom side, it means your water heater needs to be replaced. Due to rust and corrosion over the years, the walls of the tank have become so thin, and the water found its way out. You can always contact your plumbing inspector; he might be able to give you some useful feedback. If this is the first time you are replacing a water heater, it might be a good solution to hire a local plumber.

Gather your tools and start with the work

If you have appropriate tools, put them in once place so that they will be close, once you start with replacement. First and the most important thing, cut off the gas supply. Depending on the switch, you can do it by hands or by a wrench. After toy turned off the gas, make sure you don’t smell the presence of the gas. Then switch off the cold-water supply on the tank and start draining the tank. On the lower part of the tank, you will find the valve, attach the hose on the valve and start draining the tank in the nearest bucket. Be very careful because the water is very hot. Remove the gas and water lines and disconnect the heater.

Install a new heater

Put a new heater in proper place. It is really important to install temperature and relief pressure valves in an appropriate way. Attach the pipes using the appropriate tools and in the end, connect the water and gas pipes. Refill your tank check for any leaks. After this, you should have a full tank of hot water working properly.