What to expect when repairing a sewer line

Sewer line repairs and replacements can be a daunting and expensive work. For even smaller repairs prices go up to $2,000. And if your sewer line destroys driveways or street, the costs can rise to tens of thousands of dollars. If you aren’t too skilled with these repairs, it’s better to ask for experts help, before you make an even bigger malfunction. But, here is what you can do and what you can expect when it comes to sewer lines.

Determine the problem

It is really important to know what’s wrong with your sewer line. A professional can lower down a camera down the line to determine the exact spot where the repair is needed. It may increase the costs, but at least your own be wondering around and having unnecessary repairs.

Repairs and digging

One of the reasons why these types of works are so expensive, it’s because sewer line is located under the ground. Usually, bellow gardens of driveways, your yards might need to excavated, or driveway jackhammered, to reach the sewer line. Usually, the repair isn’t so expensive, you just need to buy a part and replace it. However, the actual access is the most expensive part of this procedure, digging and excavation.

Restore and cleanup

If your yard or driveway got damaged when you repaired the sewer line, then is another thing you need to add to your expenses. Later on, you will need to rebuild all the damaged parts around your home. Otherwise, your house will look like a war zone. If you are building a new house, you might want to ask in advance about the location of a sewer line. So, if something happens in the future and you need to repair the sewer line, at least you don’t need to destroy your yard or driveway in that process.

CIPP lining

It is a procedure that many people use to lower down their costs. They install the smaller pipe into the existing one. The cost of the repair will be much smaller, and you won’t have to do all the excavation around the house. It isn’t a solution for all the repairs, but most cases it’s worth to try.